Minokem-N Hair Regrowth Topical Solution


Minokem-N lotion is used to treat genetic hair loss, severe hypertension, lesions blemishes, rosacea swelling, acne, and wrinkles. Minokem-N percent solution 60ml relaxes blood vessels, simulating hair growth, and destroys germs that cause skin pore infection.

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  • Minokem-N Solution is a combination medication used to treat hair loss. It works by boosting blood flow to the hair follicles, preventing hair loss and stimulating re-growth, resulting in longer, thicker, and more hair.
  • Minokem-N Only apply the solution directly to the scalp in the dosage and manner recommended on the label or by your doctor. Before applying it, make sure your scalp is clean and dry. It might take several months before you observe any hair growth, and the initial growth could be faint, colourless, and hardly noticeable. Excessive usage will not accelerate hair growth and may result in serious adverse effects. This medicine must be used on a regular basis in order to keep hair growing. Inform your doctor if your condition does not improve or worsens after 4 to 6 months of use.
  • It is generally safe and acceptable for the majority of individuals, although it may cause certain adverse effects. The most common are headaches, itching, and scalp discomfort. If you apply it carefully and prevent touch with damaged skin, this should not happen. If you get it in your eyes, mouth, or damaged skin, thoroughly rinse with water. If you are troubled by side effects or if they do not go away, see your doctor.
  • Pregnant women should not use it. If you are a nursing mother, speak with your doctor. It may not be suitable if your hair loss is caused by medicines (such as chemotherapy) or a nutritional deficit. You should also avoid using this medication if you have high blood pressure or are currently using other creams or lotions to address scalp problems.



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